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W E    A R E    B A C K   I N   T H E   S T U D I O   !

S E E   B E L O W   F O R    T I M E T A B L E


These need to be booked in advance due to Covid-19 protocols. There are only a small number of students per class to allow for social distancing - all studios are open to the elements and fresh air.


8am All Levels Yoga 

At The Shed @ Sugar Ridge


5pm All Levels Yoga 

Southpoint Hotel, English Harbour


8am Yin Yoga

At The Shed @ Sugar Ridge

5pm All Levels Yoga 

Southpoint Hotel, English Harbour


8am All Levels Yoga

At The Shed @ Sugar Ridge


Private classes are available on request at your home, yacht or villa - or we can head to one of Antigua's beautiful white sandy beaches

Some of my clients are starting from scratch and want to build confidence before they head to a public class. Some come to me for accountability and to make sure they get their yoga practice in. For others it's about working on a particular goal or just to feel healthy on vacation. Let me know what you would like to work on and we can put together a plan including some or all of:

Power Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga


Breathing techniques for relaxation and also for fitness

Flexibility / Strength Drills


Antigua is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for yachting and sailing in the world. I travel across the island and can also come offshore to you. Whether you want a relaxation workshop with aromatherapy oils or a sweaty and challenging power yoga class let me know your requirements.

- English Harbour & Falmouth

- Nelsons Dockyard

- Jolly Harbour

- Offshore

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